Tori Gilliam

Tori Gilliam always knew she wanted to do something artistic; being that kid who had a pencil in hand since the time she could hold one.

Throughout her early years, she was constantly taking drawing courses, summer art programs and finally ending up in college art (despite it not being her major) because she just couldn't imagine a life without art in it. Eventually leaving college to become the tattoo artist she is today; over a decade later. Being a creative, experienced tattoo artist allows her to push boundaries, and enjoy the variety of what she gets to create permanently on people every single day.

With over a decade of experience, she is able to really focus on tailoring the experience for each individual client, giving them the best custom tattoo they could ask for. Tori's black & grey work is her favorite and most popular style. It's packed with delicate stippling, smooth gradients and fine line detail. She describes it as 'illustrated realism,' loving to combine things you would never see in this world but making it look like it somehow belongs.

Though she has a definite passion for black and grey realism, she can do just about anything a client can dream of. Including big bold lines, fine line detail work, to color projects.

Tori is passionate about what she does and can offer clients, striving to give them the ultimate tattoo experience that stands out from the rest. She prides herself on being a client driven artist who listens and adds personal touches and meanings to give them their perfect piece. Her goal is to envision every detail of the tattoo the client wants and create a custom piece that exceeds their expectations.